When We ALL Forgot The Keys!

Living the life of a DJ is admittedly quite stressful, considering all the trips we have to make for every gig you need to come to—stressful to the point where you actually forget a few things, keys to our house included. All thanks to D&A 24/7 locksmith DC who saved our day, our supposed to be a disaster was completely reversed.

How it all happened?

It was one of those days when the crew and I were just off from a party that made us drain out all of our energy. The next morning, we found ourselves still needing to practice and have a few runs. So we stormed off our house, still not having our breakfast (it’s a part of our life, we rely on take outs for these matters) only to realize that none of us had actually brought the keys to our house. This left us locked out of our house, with no ideas coming out of our heads regarding who can help us. Luckily, we came across the website of D&A 24/7 locksmith DC as one of us was so desperate and looked up on the internet.

How was the day saved?

locksmith DCAs soon as we have contacted D&A locksmith DC through a phone call, their personnel arrived shorter than we all have expected. Not only that, this locksmith services personnel was also friendly and had everything settled as he came—from the tools, he will need for the operation and the knowledge regarding the situation, manifested by the quickness he had as he tried to open the doors free for all of us.

The operation conducted was reasonably fast and of high quality. In a very short period of time, we were able to get back inside our previously-locked house without anyone having their keys in their hands. What’s good about the services that this locksmith company offers is that their crew will also give you pieces of advice to help you with the lock features of your home and offer the ones that they can grace you with.

After that incident, the crew and I had decided to make a mental note that we should always think of our keys first and foremost before leaving the house.

How Can yours be saved, too?

If you had your share of an unlucky day like ours due to your forgetfulness, worry not for the best locksmith services will be available to help you in such time of need. Rarely do you find locksmith services that offer not just off-the-charts quality of services, but also friendly personnel, speedy response, and speedier operations. Breaking back into your houses will never be a sweaty job for you, with the services and guarantee that D&A locksmith DC has in store for you as well.

The Crew Has To Slim Down


Roni here; a 27-year-old that is a DJ at various nightclubs throughout the US. Being always on the move with my crew, we have very little time to spend at home. This makes it even harder to enjoy a decent homemade meal; we heavily depend on taking outs, which are mostly junk food and, of course, being in clubs we drink a lot. At first, it was fun, and the crew and I would enjoy that lifestyle, some people come would confess that they envy us, the free drinks, women and eating what we want.

However, it dawn on me and then eventually to the entire crew, when we could no longer do an all-nighter without taking breaks. It got so bad that we could no longer carry the equipment up the stage like before. I had put on an extra 30 pounds over a year; this was getting bad. I had no choice but to sit down with my crew and re-evaluate our lifestyle before we end up with a serious health problem that will affect our business.

As DJs, it is not easy to find free time. During the night you have shows, sometimes you’re on the road during the day or working at radio stations. Therefore keeping a regular schedule at the gym was a hustle. Then one day, I was at the radio station where I DJ on occasion and on this particular day they were talking about a Fat Burning Coffee called Doctors Choice Fat Burning Coffee. This was intriguing, and I went to the local store and bought it and tried for a week. I felt the almost immediate change in my energy levels; it was working better than even energy drinks that we used to take.


I introduced it to my crew, and we decided to be taking two cups a day, one in the morning and one in the evening, especially when we have shows. Apart from high energy levels, we starting reducing our weight, I was feeling lighter and lighter. At first, we did believe, and we would go to different scales. It was hard to believe that without doing any other activity to lose weight; just taking the Fat Burning Coffee from Doctor’s Choice was working wonders. After about five weeks of regular intake of the Fat Burning Coffee, I had lost around six pounds. We all started with a solid breakfast and light exercise and we jump started our health.

Doctor’s Choice is truly working for my crew and me, and we will continue to drink it and advise it to anyone who is willing to hear including friends and family. It is an excellent drink to have during holidays and winters when they’re fewer activities and mostly indoors, as this are the times you eat a lot and add on extra pounds.

How To Keep Your Computer Protected While DJ-ing

DJing is one of the most happening careers these days. DJs are considered as the most essentials of a party. These DJs make use of latest gadgets and devices. Computers or laptop are one of the most important equipment’s for them. It is very important to take care of their safety specially laptop screens. Tempered glass is one of the best options available in the market to protect the screen of laptops, tablets and smart phones. Find your favorite brand here, or read on for a DJ’s perspective.

What is tempered glass?

tempered glass protectorThe tempered glass screen protector is basically a plastic sheet created with controlled chemicals along with some thermal treatments. This increases the strength in the glass and helps in protecting the screens of the gadgets. The procedures used in making these glasses make it 5-10 times stronger than any ordinary glass. These screen protectors are quite cheap in the cost and are easily available in the market.Click here to learn more about tempered glass screen protectors.

Benefits of tempered glass for a DJ

One of the biggest advantages of tempered glass screen protector glass is they are quite durable. Once you fit them to your gadget’s screen you need not worry screen protector for DJ laptopabout anything for long time. These glasses protect your screens from breaking, scratches and any other damage. These glasses are extremely strong so can sustain any impact on the screen. Even if your gadget falls from a height or faces any force the glass may break but it will save the screen.

In the case of DJs they have to work in party lights which are quite dull and disturbing. The tempered glass screen protector is glare free so while working in the dark it won’t harm your eyes. The glass also has an amazing feel. So when you touch the display it feels much better than the other conventional plastic screen guards. It is the ideal screen protector for every one as they protect your gadgets screen without compromising on the quality of the images on the display.

DJ lifestyle Doesn’t Have To Be Harmful To Your Health


DJ lifestyle can be taxing on your health because you eat irregularly, skip meals, eat unhealthy food, and don’t follow regular exercise schedule. Your exercise and eating habits suffer, which increases the risk of weight gain and heart disease. Changing your lifestyle can increase your sleep and overall health. Here are a few simple tips to help DJs stay healthy.

Have healthy food readily available at work and home

When you return home after working the whole night, you are likely to eat unhealthy food. Keep a stock of healthy ready-to-eat food in your house like carrots, bananas, apple, raisins, and raw almond. This will allow you to make healthy food choices when you are tired and hungry. If you like eating carbs, you could keep a stock of oats, brown and wild rice. You can also maintain a stock of supplements at home. Raspberry ketone is a helpful supplement that helps you maintain your weight. For more details on this useful complement, check out the FAQ Raspberry Ketones.

Prepare your meal before going to work

This will ensure that you are ready to eat healthy food when you get home. You could experiment with a crock pot or slow cooking meals for easy access to tasty food.

salad lunchEat your food at work

If you pack your food, you are less likely to eat at takeout counters, restaurants, or vending machines. You can also control your weight by taking raspberry ketones supplement. Check out the FAQ Raspberry Ketones for more details.

Eat small and frequent meals

Heavy meals have more calories than most people need. Eating large portions can also make you feel tired or sluggish while on a job.

Stick to regular diet

It is hard to stick to a regular diet when you work late. Try to eat the same time every day and avoid over stuffing.

Sit down to eat

You must make it a point to eat at a relaxed place when at home and work. Eating in front of the system or on the go can encourage mindless snacking.

Reduce alcohol and caffeine consumption

Drinking caffeinated drinks and alcohol can harm the digestive system of your body. Also, caffeine intake can affect sleep pattern.

waterDrink plenty of fluids

Bring a bottle of water to work and fill it several times. This will not only reduce expenses on bottled drinks but also keep your body hydrated. You can also infuse water with fruits for added flavor with increasing calorie intake.

Exercise regularly

Make it a point to walk down the stairs, or stretch your body before and after your shift. When you exercise, you not only burn calories but also sleep better during the day. Taking Raspberry Ketones can also help in maintaining your health. Read the FAQ Raspberry Ketones to know more about this miracle fat burner.

Get enough sleep

People, who sleep for at least 7 hours each day, are fit, healthy, and are less likely to suffer from obesity and other health issues. You can space out your sleep with small naps if the extended period of rest is not possible.

Keeping The Gear Safe


various gearOften a band will at most occasions need a place where they can store their musical gear when they are not performing. This therefore necessitates the need for temporary storage facility. One of the best solutions in this type of situation can be the renting of a unit at an Edmonton storage facility. Here we shall look at why it’s important to store your music gear in a self storage facility.

A good Edmonton storage facility has a number of advantages which is a reason why a band chooses to use the self storage facility.

ü High security system: This means that the instruments will be well protected and the band does not have to worry about the safety of their gear. The security could come in terms of employed skilled security personnel and security gadgets like installation of security cameras, individual door alarms and access tracking. The facilities also boast of locked doors with disc locks, well lit doors, gates and keypad to allow only those with the code to get into the facility.

ü It’s convenient in that its located in all parts of the city and easily accessible when you need it.

ü In addition to this the band gets to keep the keys of their storage unit. This means that the band is in charge of bringing the materials to the storage location themselves. They are also in charge of who gets in and gets out of the storage facility therefore there are reduced chances of theft. It also limits access to the members of the band only.

ü Also since the band may need to rotate their belongings on a regular basis a little extra space can be beneficial for moving items about the area. Extra space can also make it easier to organize one’s belongings for easy access as well to avoid wastage of time when looking for a certain musical instrument that is needed. This therefore will require a larger unit for storage which is readily available at Edmonton storage facilities.

ü There are no admin fees or deposits.

If you are looking for all this, then Place For Your Stuff is one of the best since locationthey have come a very long way from the 1970s, when the best you could hope for would be an asbestos coated shed in a parking lot. Currently, Edmonton self storage buildings are steel or concrete constructions with 24/seven guards, digital surveillance, local weather management, fire safety, and your private distinctive key that lets only you to access your cubicle. They offer the best storage units and terms and can never disappoint.