The Crew Has To Slim Down


Roni here; a 27-year-old that is a DJ at various nightclubs throughout the US. Being always on the move with my crew, we have very little time to spend at home. This makes it even harder to enjoy a decent homemade meal; we heavily depend on taking outs, which are mostly junk food and, of course, being in clubs we drink a lot. At first, it was fun, and the crew and I would enjoy that lifestyle, some people come would confess that they envy us, the free drinks, women and eating what we want.

However, it dawn on me and then eventually to the entire crew, when we could no longer do an all-nighter without taking breaks. It got so bad that we could no longer carry the equipment up the stage like before. I had put on an extra 30 pounds over a year; this was getting bad. I had no choice but to sit down with my crew and re-evaluate our lifestyle before we end up with a serious health problem that will affect our business.

As DJs, it is not easy to find free time. During the night you have shows, sometimes you’re on the road during the day or working at radio stations. Therefore keeping a regular schedule at the gym was a hustle. Then one day, I was at the radio station where I DJ on occasion and on this particular day they were talking about a Fat Burning Coffee called Doctors Choice Fat Burning Coffee. This was intriguing, and I went to the local store and bought it and tried for a week. I felt the almost immediate change in my energy levels; it was working better than even energy drinks that we used to take.


I introduced it to my crew, and we decided to be taking two cups a day, one in the morning and one in the evening, especially when we have shows. Apart from high energy levels, we starting reducing our weight, I was feeling lighter and lighter. At first, we did believe, and we would go to different scales. It was hard to believe that without doing any other activity to lose weight; just taking the Fat Burning Coffee from Doctor’s Choice was working wonders. After about five weeks of regular intake of the Fat Burning Coffee, I had lost around six pounds. We all started with a solid breakfast and light exercise and we jump started our health.

Doctor’s Choice is truly working for my crew and me, and we will continue to drink it and advise it to anyone who is willing to hear including friends and family. It is an excellent drink to have during holidays and winters when they’re fewer activities and mostly indoors, as this are the times you eat a lot and add on extra pounds.

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