Merging My Love For Music….And Pools

Being the most trending DJ of the decade, my Phoenix, AZ home needs to be a reflection of all the amazing things I have accomplished. What better place to start than my favorite place to hang out after a long day in the studio? The pool! Everyone knows that I may be an expert in my department, but I know absolutely nothing about designing pools. It’s starting to sound like I may need to hire some custom pool builders! There are many things I want to customize to ensure that I have the coolest pool out of every other celebrity. Who knows? Maybe I can even shoot a music video for my newest song in it! No matter how I decide to use it, I want to know that no other home pool notes on pool

One of the ‘must haves’ in this legendary pool is music note designs on the floor of the pool. I want to feel like I’m standing on success while I wade through the waves. I also want to add my DJ logo front and center. It needs to be big enough for all my visitors to see and appreciate. I just hope the custom pool builders can make all my dreams come true!

After a lot of thinking, I finally decided that this pool is definitely going to need a pathway of tiles with my achievements on them leading to the pool itself. This will help remind me why I deserve a pool day in the first place, right? Nothing wrong with taking a break from the bustling life of fame and success for a nice cool down in my custom made pool.

The final necessity of this project is probably the most important. I want the finest waterproof speakers installed into every nook and cranny underwater speakersof the new custom design. I want them to be hidden from the unknowing eye, and be as loud as possible. With my house miles away from the nearest neighbor, there is plenty of privacy for me to blast my newest songs at whatever volume I decide.

Once the custom pool builders have finished, I’m going to celebrate by throwing the biggest pool party anyone in Phoenix, AZ has ever attempted . Everyone’s invited, especially the guys at Pool Resurfacing Phoenix who put so much work into my pool. They are doing an amazing job so far and I can’t wait to see the finished product. If you ever need your pool customized do not hesitate to contact these guys! They’re miracle workers and I can’t thank them enough.

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